Reiju Construction would respond to the media report of jerry-built incident of the Minglun public housing on the 12th

In response to the media report of jerry-built of the Minglun public housing on the 12th, it was verified to be a false accusation by disgruntled manufacturer who did not get paid from Chunghwa Telecom, and our company has taken the appropriate legal measure to investigate the responsibilities of relevant persons, in addition to our following statement:
1. This project adopted a turnkey approach for quick construction process that the construction of each phase would immediately start upon its design completion, which was approved by the supervisory unit and the Taipei Municipal government, with all relevant approval documents and drawings available for verification.
2. The foreign workers employed in this project were all legally applied according to law and certified through the national personnel recruitment and the 10-billion public housing program, with the approvals from the Ministry of Labor and relevant competent authorities (Issue No.: Labor Permit No. 1070681402).
3. The construction all followed the design strength and was certified by the third notarized unit as qualified and safe. Our company can also provide relevant information and technical consultants.
4. The project is currently on schedule as approved by the Taipei Municipal government with only 3% of slight delay, probably due to the handover time for replacement between mechanical and electrical contractor. Our company expects the project to be completed in June next year, as scheduled. The so-called delay by 11% is simply individual speculation without proof.
5. Our company does not owe any debt to the contractors, and any statement of debt is the payment owed by the former subcontracted hydropower contractor.