Sponsored Year 2017 BIM (Building Information Modeling)competition across Taiwan Strait

Recently, Reiju Construction Co., Ltd. sponsored ""Year 2017 BIM competition across Taiwan Strait"" held on June 3-4, 2017 in National Quemoy University. Totaling 12 universities across Taiwan Strait were invited to participate in this competition. The competition pattern adopted the best practice without distinction. All attendees agreed it was the most difficult BIM competition than ever before; however, it was also the most close to the practice and for them to learn the most.
BIM is quite popular in foreign advanced countries and will be an inevitable tendency for our civil construction. Apart from promoting BIM technology application, this competition may provide a communication platform for civil construction students across Taiwan Strait. Reiju would like to try its best for investing resources in hosting events, encouraging students to join BIM. Hope our construction quality and reliability will be higher through BIM technology to do good for the society in the future.